Why Us?

We specialize in placing staff in the Financial, Insurance and IT fields and attribute most of our success to our experience in these fields as well as a great deal of pride & quality of service to our clients.

Our services include:

Response Handling
Personal interviews
Credit reference checks
Detailed verbal reference checks
Prompt CV delivery
Guarantee period
Why B-A Personnel?

Because at B-A Personnel we like to conduct our work in such a way that we are not only consultants to your company but an extension of your company.

How do we intend achieving this goal?

Numerous Costs/benefits studies have repeatedly illustrated just how costly and ineffective “in-house” recruiting generally is. Compare our fees against the aggregate of the following costs, which are unavoidable if your organisation elects to conduct “in-house” recruiting.

Management time. (Project co-ordination)
Advertising (designing time and publishing costs)
Response screening
Reference confirmation
Initial interview
Short-list compilation.
In addition to the above direct costs, indirect costs must also be accounted for. The greatest cost of all, however, is the diversion of management time away from its acknowledged areas of expertise.

We are confident that our existing approach will prove to be successful. We insist on scrutinised interviews for each position. We put a large amount of time aside, preparing, investigating and studying to ensure we fully understand what is required to fill the position successfully.

Once the groundwork investigation is done we carefully plan the questions to be presented to the candidates during their interview with one of our consultants – These interviews take approximately 1hr20min

A third of the questions is a character interview, to try and determine their stability, intentions for the future, aims, ambitions etc
The remaining two thirds of the interview is directly related to the position being filled
All our questions have been carefully chosen and drawn up by a technical team who are best suited to prepare the perfect questions

The reasons for such stringent tests are various

To ensure the best candidate is presented to the company
To prepare our candidates for the interview with the company
To do the necessary assessment of the persons ability and knowledge
All suitable candidates CVs are screened then contacted and interviewed. In many situations this could result in 10-20 candidates being interviewed, thereafter the best 2-3 candidate profiles are drawn up and submitted. We believe that this process will benefit your company in numerous ways

Your HR department will do no unnecessary interviews because the candidate is not suitable
Limited interviews need to be done because we only send in suitable and well screened candidates who meet all the requirements of the specification given to us by yourselves
Our aim here is to avoid the HR department and management from doing extra unnecessary work that should be done by the agency. In addition we offer documented references (2 per candidate) from previous employment managers in the candidate’s profile. Attached to the profile will also be

ID Documentation
Salary Slip
All relevant qualification certificates
Criminal and ITC checks (which are done when interest is shown from the company for a particular candidate)
Why do we go to such extreme?

Because we at B-A Personnel believe that no questions pertaining to our candidates should be left unanswered and that HR should feel they know these candidates before they have even met them

Are we successful?

YES, BA Personnel has an outstanding ratio between profiles submitted and candidates being employed. As a result of this, huge amounts of time have been saved for companies, which can be put to better use.

In this sense we believe BA Personnel has saved the company unnecessary costs when recruiting for them i.e.

A manager cannot afford to spend precious hours interviewing unsuitable candidates. This manager is far more valuable at his desk dealing with more important matters
The number of candidates interviewed are far fewer than usual
Our goal when presenting our final 3 candidates for a position is as follows:

Each candidate should be capable of doing the work prescribed by the job specification
The only issue that determines who gets the job is whether he/she fits into the environment and personal attributes etc
We look forward to being associated with your company and are confident that BA Personnel will be a perfect representation of your company during the recruitment process.

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