BA Personnel continuously strives to secure a position of leadership in the various Business Sectors/Industries by building long-term sustainable relationships between our Clients and our Resources/Candidates. BA Personnel has always built strong relationships on an individual basis with our clients and pride ourselves on our on-going personalised one-on-one interaction. BA Personnel is committed to a meaningful contribution to the empowerment of all South African citizens and focuses on real empowerment according to the broad-based approach.

We are constantly working towards the following principles:
  • The supply of 'understated over-performance’;
  • The delivery of a quality service in the manner prescribed by our clients;
  • Providing our clients with a well-informed, effective service;
  • Being accessible to our clients at all times;
  • Promoting a relationship of mutual trust with our clients;
  • Maintaining high ethical standards;
  • Identifying innovative ways in which to supply an improved service and self-educating ourselves and our staff in order to achieve this;
  • The creation of opportunities through proper marketing;
  • Constantly adapting to meet change
We insist on scrutinised interviews for each position. A large amount of time is set aside, preparing, investigating and studying to ensure we fully understand what is required to fill the position successfully. Once the groundwork investigation is done we carefully plan the questions to be presented to the candidates during their interview with one of our consultants.

These interviews take approximately one hour and 30 minutes. A third of the questions asked are to determine a candidates character. Attributes such as stability, intentions for the future, aims and ambitions are investigated. The remaining two thirds of the interview is directly related to the position being filled. All our questions have been carefully chosen and drawn up to ensure that the candidates is suitable qualified.


BA Personnel deals primarily with Permanent, Contract as well as all temporary placements as well as specialising in the selection and recruitment of people living with disabilities as well as abled candidates. Our client requirements are national and we also do placements in the various Sub-Saharan Countries.BA Personnel specialises in all Operational and Administrative domains across all business sector and we pride ourselves in our diverse extensive database. Our reputation in the market has ensured that we continuously attract new Talent to source from.We endeavour to provide our Clients with a complete staffing solution, allowing the process from the selection to the appointment of a suitable resource/candidate to be timely, ensuring that our Client’s business continuity is un-interrupted. We provide the following services to facilitate the procedure /selection process / progress.

The Identification Process:

  • Sourcing resources and candidates who are qualified, experienced, mature and professional and an appreciation for the companies culture;
  • Handling advertising for positions via means of BA Personnel registered recruitment site as well as a number of registered career sites that we subscribe too. Further advertising is also done in the print media as well as calling on our extensive network affiliates in place;
  • Pre-assessment questionnaire on applications;
  • Conducting interviews and short-listing candidates;
  • Performing relevant authentication checks and evaluations on the candidate, such as:
  1. Criminal record
  2. ITC / Experian
  3. Qualification verification
  4. ID and residential address authentication
  5. Reference checks with previous employers
  6. Pre-assessments on each role as required in line with specific skills (Numeracy, literacy, MS Office and various IT Packages)


BA Personnel on receipt of the respective specs has a turnaround time of 7 working days on delivery of suitable applications. BA Personnel endeavours to provide at least three suitable applications for each position. Each application is accompanied by two reference checks as well as a copy of the candidates’ latest payslip and if so required the ITC checks are submitted with each application. 

The respective BA Personnel consultant is in constant communication with the respective HR Recruiter with regards to feedback and progress and if for any unforeseen reason extension is requested on late submission this will be done well before the deadline dates. BA Personnel contacts each candidate with regards to the outcome of their interview and this is done once feedback is received from our respective clients. In certain instances face-to-face feed back is given to the respective candidates.